My 3 top tips on how to ‘parent’ when you are sick

This weekend, I have been condemned by the notorious norovirus sickness bug (which I’m pretty sure I picked up from a kids 1st birthday party at one of those horrendous soft play areas).

If it isn’t bad enough having debilitating stomach cramps whilst hugging the toilet, not quite knowing which end to put on it first, when you’re a parent you also have a tiny human to try and keep alive at the same time.

In fact, the only thing I can think of that would be worse, would be if said tiny human were to pick up the bug too and start projectile sicking all over the show. Which leads me onto my first point…

1. Dettol. Dettol is your best friend. I have spent this weekend walking around with a bottle in my dressing gown pocket and anything I touch gets sprayed. OTT? Absolutely not. Essential. By some miracle, Jessie has avoided the plague and I’m sure my obsessive detolling must have played a part in that…!

Does it really matter if you and the tiny human stay in your pjs all day? No.

Does the tiny human want to watch teletubbies on the iPad all day? Yes.

Does this keep them quiet and happy so you can hug your duvet and wallow in self pity in peace..?

2. Let them do what they want. Opt for the easy option for today. There’s no point in feeling guilty that they’ve had too much ‘screen time’ and their diet has consisted only of raisins and rice cakes. Just do THE ABSOLUTE MINIMUM.
I am so lucky because my mum just lives round the corner and on Monday she was an absolute life saver, taking Jessie off my hands for the full day (until Matt came to the rescue when he had finished work).

3. Call in the reinforcements. Don’t feel guilty for making use of friends and family. I know everyone doesn’t have that luxury- but if you do then take it! I’m sure you would be happy to return the favour one day… well maybe not ecstatic… but you get the idea!
Do you have any top tips to add? Let me know!

Kate xxx


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