My name’s Kate and I’m addicted…

… to sugar.

A good friend of mine spoke to me about this a while ago, as she was struggling to sleep and thought it may be linked to her sugar intake. It got me thinking about my own diet…but to be honest I have been too lazy to actually do anything about it!

My weakness is cereal.

I could quite happily devour 4 or 5 bowls a day. And there’s absolutely no way I could even think about going to bed at night without having my fix.

I’ve tried swapping to healthier cereals, such as Weetabix and porridge, but I just can’t resist covering them in sugar or mixing in a cheeky spoon of Nutella!

Do you think you could be addicted?

One of the warning signs is craving something sweet after you’ve had a meal. I definitely have this problem!

I do make an effort to plan healthy(ish) meals each week but this coming week I am going to make it my mission to avoid sugar and see what effect it has. Anyone care to join me?!

According to my research (on the ever so reliable Daily Mail website), I will experience withdrawal symptoms such as mood swings and headaches…

I’ll update you next week about how I got on!

Wish me luck!

Kate xxx


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