Rocking Motherhood

I’ve been tagged by Becki over at The Mum From Brum in White Camellias #rockingmotherhood tag. 

This is a challenge where you are supposed to list 10 reasons why you are #rockingmotherhood which is surprisingly difficult…us mum’s can be really hard on ourselves! 
Me, ‘Rocking Motherhood’?

I can’t say I’m quite sure,

Sometimes you watch the iPad, 

And eat raisins off the floor.

I let you stay up late,

And fall asleep on my tummy,

I don’t always wipe your nose,

When it’s really runny.

The house is often messy,

The washing soon piles up,

We always seem to be running late,

And I sometimes forget your cup.

I don’t take you to swimming lessons,

Not every meal is homemade,

I even borrowed some formula once,

As yours had been mislaid…

Being a Mummy is hard,

I don’t always know what to do,

I constantly find myself on Google,

As I just don’t have a clue.

Sometimes late at night, 

When you just don’t want to sleep,

I secretly wish I could run away,

But I just break down and weep.

I often feel quite lonely,

Like I’m the only one who can’t cope,

But when I see your cheeky smile,

It gives me strength and hope.

You’re this perfect little baby,

How could I be so lucky?

I think, ‘I must have done something right’,

As I watch you “quack” to your duckie.

Every day you smile and laugh,

I couldn’t ask for more,

My little pea, my Jessie doll,

Who I absolutely adore.

I’m most definitely not perfect,

But I know this much is true, 

You’re happy and you’re healthy,

And guess what? I am too. 

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2017

Yes it’s that time of year again… Mother’s Day is just a couple of weeks away (26th March!).

Here are my top picks to keep you in the good books…

Pyjamas always go down well for me! This cute set is from Sainsbury’s and is just £12.

Bubble bath (and the gift of time to have one in peace!) is what dreams are made of! Treat her to a Lush bath bomb for only £2.95 each.

Lighting a candle whilst having a bath is definitely the ultimate luxury in my eyes. This gorgeous candle by Zoella is only £10 from Debenhams.

This cute sleepsuit from Next is bound to make mummy smile (especially if you offer to do all the nappy changes for the day!) and is only £7. You could get some lovely photos!

Speaking of photos, Photobox do these great personalised photo cushions which start at £30. A great way to brighten up the bedroom – whilst she’s waiting for her breakfast in bed to be delivered of course.

I also absolutely adore this solid copper Polaroid print from Not On The High Street, I can’t believe it’s only £19!

This strength bracelet by Stella & Dot seems very apt for Mother’s Day. Their jewellery always comes beautifully packaged and has a 90 day money back guarantee! Get this bracelet for £35.

Simply show her how much she is loved with a bunch of flowers. Bunches flowers can be ordered online and delivered straight to their door. I’ve used bunches before and their flowers last such a long time! This Marvellous Mum bouquet is £22.99 but prices start from just £14.99.

I hope this has given you some ideas! Thanks for reading!

Kate xxx